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Whatever the time of year it is there is no bad time to have a hot tub and many reasons to have one which is why Globus homes are pleased to announce that after extensive research into the market place we have partnered with Alps Spas and Hot Tubs, a partner offering great quality. Globus Homes offers these products through our new online shop nationwide.

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Years of experience have led to Alps state of the art, ergonomic designs. They have blended the perfect balance between performance and comfort, becoming an industry leader in producing custom hot tubs and spas. Alps Manufacturing is located in Atlanta, Georgia and has been in business since 1983. They currently have three assembly facilities.

Having a hot tub at your home gives you the opportunity to relax and relieve stress after a long day at work as well as being a great way to socialise with friends and family whilst listening to your favourite music from a speaker system designed specifically for your hot tub, day or night using of stunning LED lighting systems even offering the beautiful option of having a waterfall.

Buy hot tubSmart Hot Tub Controls

Ensure that your hot tub is ready whenever you would like to take a dip with a smart phone app that allows you to start the hot tub and change settings. However there are more important reasons to reasons to invest into these luxury products that involve your health.

The hot tubs and spa’s pressure jets provide an improvement in blood circulation helping relieve pain across the shoulders as well as tension and headaches caused from stressful days. Blood circulation can be badly affected after being in the same position for an amount of time, whether it’s from being at your desk, a long flight home or a car journey the spa will help push your blood circulation back to where it needs to be.

Jets facing the back of your body provide soothing therapy for unbelievable relaxation and helping with backache caused from everyday life. This backache can happen for various reasons however relieving muscle tension will help repair the muscles quicker.

Relax Tired Muscles

Direct pressure jets on the hips stimulate tired tight tired muscles to reduce pain and tension and massage tight muscles to relax palms and fingers giving you similar sensations to from having a body massage however when and where you want it. These jets also massage the back thigh to sooth tired muscles. This can be useful for anyone that makes extra use of their legs from long walks, taking parts in sports or going to the gym. Massaging the muscles to dissolve tension and pain in the calf and lower leg.

After much use of your feet they will need some needed attention, invigorating streams of water nerve ends within the feet helping relieve sore tired feet and a general relaxed feeling throughout the body.