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We are always looking to stay on top of the latest technologies and best products within our industry. This ranges from working with the best manufacturers for our plumbing supplies through to our relationships with the best heating brands from around the world. This month we bring you a review of a brand new product that is taking the world by storm. This is set to change the way people heat their water for their homes and businesses, making great savings with this renewable energy system.

Big Magic Thermodynamic BoxThe system we are talking about is The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box.

The Magic Thermodynamic Box

The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company has been producing a system called The Little Magic Thermodynamic Box for years.  This system has been savings home owner’s money on their water heating bills across the UK. This system was designed to work with your existing water cylinder and used their clever solar assisted heat pump and thermodynamic panels to generate energy.

The new Big Magic Thermodynamic Box is all in one system for your water heating needs.  This gives you a new A rated cylinder, with a complete system to heat your hot water around it. With the choice of either a 130L or 200L, indirect or direct cylinder, suitable for every installation.   As well as having an A rated cylinder, the system has been MCS tested which really highlights the high quality and helps it stand head and shoulders above any competitors in this field.

So how exactly does The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box work?

This is the clever part and although it is a very low maintenance, low cost solution for your water heating, it is very impressive with the technology used to create this renewable energy for your home. The easy explanation is that it works like a refrigerator in reverse. Here is a break down:

  1. A thermodynamic panel (or thermodynamic collector) circulates a refrigerant liquid where the energy is absorbed from ambient temperatures.
  2. The liquid is transformed into a gas, carrying heat to the Solar Assisted Heat Pump
  3. The has is compressed by the Solar Assisted Heat Pump which increases the temperature
  4. The used has flows back into the system and this process starts again
  5. At the same time as the above, the water in your cylinder is being heated by the super-heated gas
  6. This process continues until the system reaches 55c. The system then goes into standby mode.

We are very impressed by this system; it is a great low maintenance system with extremely low running costs. The savings possible with The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box make it a real game changer for the water heating industry and we are sure it will become a pivotal part of every home very soon.

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