RAK – 35PEC / RAC – 35WEC

  • High seasonal efficiency A+ class in cooling
  • and heating, fully ErP compliant
  • Stylish slim-line design
  • Very low sound level
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Auto-diagnosis function
  • Latest digital hybrid inverter technology
  • Easy-to-use remote control with large display.

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The Summit range of inverter high-wall units has been specifically designed for residential applications. The modern design fits well into any interior room.

The units are extremely quiet in operation and provide excellent all round comfort. Using Hitachi rotary compressor technology, the units give high energy efficient heating and cooling.

Technical Specifications

Indoor Unit Model (RAK-PEC)
Nominal Cooling Capacity (min - max)3.50 (0.90 - 4.00)kW
Sensible Cooling Capacity2.87kW
UK Cooling Capacity (sensible)3.3 (2.5)kW
Heating capacity at -7°C3.00kW
Nominal Heating Capacity (min - max)4.20 (0.90 - 5.00)kW
Nominal cooling power input (min - max)1.09 (0.25 - 1.46)kW
Nominal heating power input (min - max)1.10 (0.25 - 1.70)kW
Seasonal Efficiency SEER5.85kWh/yr
Energy Efficiency ClassA+kWh/yr
Annual Energy Consumption209kWh/yr
Seasonal Efficiency SCOP (Average Climate)3.80kWh/yr
Energy Efficiency ClassAkWh/yr
Annual Energy Consumption1,124kWh/yr
Nominal Load Efficiency EER / COP3.21/3.82
Energy Class (Cool/Heat)A/A
Noise level cooling (sound pressure) (SL / L / M / H)(25/26/36/43dB(A)
Noise level heating (sound pressure) (SL / L / M / H)26/27/36/44dB(A)
Noise level (sound power)57dB(A)
Air flow cooling mode (SL / L / M / H)333/400/485/600m3/h
Air flow heating mode (SL / L / M / H)333/520/550/660m3/h
Dimensions (H x W x D)280x780x218mm
Power supplyFrom Outdoor Unit
Drain diameter (ext)φ16mm
Remote ControlInfra Red (RAR-5F1)Std
Remote ControlWired (SPX-RCDB)Opt. 1
Remote ControlWired (SPX-WKT2)Opt. 1
Outdoor Unit Model (RAC-WEC)
Noise level cooling (sound pressure) (night mode)48dB(A)
Noise level heating (sound pressure) (night mode)49dB(A)
Noise level (sound power)62dB(A)
Air flow (Cooling / Heating)1860/1620m3/h
Dimensions (H x W x D)530x660x278mm
Piping diameter (Liquid / Gas)1/4 - 3/8Inch
Piping diameter (Liquid / Gas)6.35 - 9.52mm
Minimum Piping Length3.0m
Maximum Piping Length / Height Difference20/10m
Current Quantity of Refrigerant0.95kg
Chargeless / Additional Refrigerant Charge20/ -m / g/m
Power supply230V/1Ph/50Hz
Recommended fuse size16A
Starting current (cooling/heating)<1 AmpA
Running current (cooling/heating)1.09-6.35/1.09-7.39A
Interconnecting Cables3 + ENo.
Working Range (cooling/heating)-10°C~+43°C / -15°C~+21°C°C
Refrigerant / GWPR410A / 1975
Compressor typeRotary


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